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17 May 2013

Colour photograph of the words in orange 'NOT BEING ABLE TO SPEAK IS NOT THE SAME AS NOT HAVING ANYTHING TO SAY'

Rights Now Day of Action Feburary 1995 taken from the Shape Collection

The National Disability Arts Collection and Archive is unique and of great importance as it tracks the landmark developments within the Disability Arts movement since its beginnings. The artwork and associated materials produced over the last thirty years are an important part of the cultural heritage of disabled people and this country.

The collection brought together so far contains paintings, sculpture, literature, poetry, performance and related ephemera relating to Disability Arts within a social and political context. This includes artwork and material from Holton Lee where the idea was originally conceived, and the former London Disability Arts Forum and National Disability Arts Forum archives.

A black and white photo of the participants of the Disability Arts and Culture Seminar outside Willesden Green Library Centre, London on November 20th 1991

Disability Arts and Culture Seminar participants outside Willesden Green Library Centre, London on November 20th 1991. The transcripts can be found within the Shape and Holton Lee collections.


Over the next year we will begin to work with our founding partners to explore their own collections and significant items will be added to NDACA.

Use the right-hand side column to look at a couple examples from our collection.

For more information on Disability Arts please visit the chronology.


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