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20 May 2013

Colour photograph of Medication Time by Aiden Shingler showing a clock face, that has pills next to each number.

Medication Time by Aiden Shingler


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Emily Watkins

6 October 2016

Hello I am an Art History Masters student at Birkbeck and would very much like to write about disability protest art. Particuarly about opposition to ideas around eugenics, sterilization and screening. I agree with you that disabled artists are very under represented and would also like to address some of the anti disability feeling in the media at the moment. I need to find some artists and your archive looks like a fantastic resource to find some relevant artists to write about. I get the impression you are not yet open? Please can you point me in the right direction for looking at some of the artworks in your collection or to look at copies of the disability arts magazine you mentioned either online or in the flesh if at all possible? Warmest regards and many thanks Emily Watkins

Liz Lash

14 July 2016

I realise that this is not directly in your remit but thought you might be able to help or know someone who could point us in the right direction. I am a member of the Board of Trustees of the Thalidomide Society (a ULO) and we trying to find a copy of a BBC TV play from 1977 entitled 'On Giant's Shoulders', it's about a Thalidomide survivor. Any ideas please?

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